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Flashdot is an investment institution focusing on new financial and technology fields. It’s aiming on mid-to-early growth investment. As an experienced partner, Flashdot is committed to working with entrepreneurs to build companies with long-term sustainable value. Flashdot aims on the early to middle stages investment opportunity. It is proficient in discovering and seizing investment opportunities in the ever-changing market, to help companies grow and succeed.

Our Vision

Reshaping the investment culture, rebuilding investment confidence, to transform the investment research ability into investment ability.

We believe in deep, fundamental research.

Our deep and fundamental research is the backbone of our company and essential to the results we have delivered to our investors.



When we invest in companies, we want to know them from break room to boardroom.

We put our money where our mouth is.

Why Flashdot

What Sets Us Apart?

We Invest Early

Fearless but Educated Investments

More Than 30 Years Experience

Leaders in Startup Investments

Investments In Over 10 Countries

Focus On You

Cryptocurrency Industry.

Flashdot has deployed and invested in the cryptocurrency industry as early as 2018. The investments cover the entire ecology of the cryptocurrency industry, including blockchain projects, industry media, industry rating agencies and digital asset exchanges. Especially, the investment in some exchange is a classic success case among the group’s investment in cryptocurrency filed.


Core Value

Investment thinking from Flashdot.

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